44 Wall St, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10005
Tel: 917.576.7880
Fax: 646.786.4411

Park Slope:

10 Plaza St East
Brooklyn, NY 11238
Tel: 718.623.0777
Fax: 718.623.0055

The LAW OFFICE of DIANE E. UNGAR concentrates exclusively on the practice of real estate law. For over 30 years the firm has handled residential closings, primarily for coops and condos, and has handled hundreds of small and large business leases for stores and office spaces.

Within this specialty, Ms. Ungar and her staff have developed a distinctive style and expertise for problem-solving and working efficiently on behalf of clients. The firm is well known within the specialized New York City real estate community and is colleguial with many of the City's key players involved in making real estate closings happen.

Since 1980, the Law Office of Diane E. Ungar has handled thousands of coop and condo closings throughout the five boroughs of New York City, with law offices conveniently located in both Manhattan and Park Slope.

In addition to representing individual buyers and sellers, Ms. Ungar has represented over one-hundred coop apartment buildings as well as condominiums as transfer agent and as legal counsel.

The Law Office of Diane E. Ungar will make sure that your transaction is completed as smoothly and expeditiously as possible. Since most real estate purchases constitute one of the most expensive purchases and investments people make, we take great care to stay in close communication with our clients every step of the way

Feel free to contact Ms. Ungar  by email, telephone, or using the form attached here (see "Contact Me") for a free consultation, for more information, or to get your transaction moving forward immediately.

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